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Right of Passage Abuse

Make an agreement of Right of Passage, move your units to their main cities and attack them all at once.

Free Palace Jump

When disbanding your capitol your palace will appear in the biggest other city. Your former capitol can be rebuilt by the settler it created. This way you've moved you capitol for free.

Island block

If you fill the coast of a certain island with units, even non-military, the AI won't be able to land, thus isn't able to conquer that island, until it has marines.

Ship hopping

While at sea, you can unload a ship on the same square where there is another ship and that ship can take over the load. This way you can move your units to any location in one turn. But it takes a lot of effort.

ICS (Infinite City Sprawl)

Build a lot of cities very close next to each other. This way you simply have more cities which are in the beginning just as big as normal.

RCP (Ring City Placement)

Build several cities at equal distance from the Palace and they all have the same Rank for corruption calculations. So you can have N1 cities at Rank 1, then N2 cities at Rank N1+1 etc. This has been eliminated in Conquests, and cities at equal distance get increasing Ranks according to dates of founding.

Scout resource denial

Place a scout on a square where there is a resource and in (future) enemy territory. As long as you have peace with them you can leave him there undisturbed and the other will never be able to build a road to it.


In despotism and communism it is possible to use cities purely for unit rush building. Workers can be added to such a city and then the city can then use them to rush build units. This is disallowed, so do not create these kind of cities. Pop rushing one or two regular citizens to finish a building or to build a unit is within the rules and the spirit of the game. What is against the rules is joining workers to cities for the purpose of pop rushing.

Worker dogpile

Let all your workers join a city with a hospital and continue to build workers and let them join that city. There's no size limit so your city will become huge and you loose only one population per turn. All the workers become specialists and add to your score.

Gold mine

You can make cities give wealth and production at the same time. First set the cities to produce wealth. At the beginning of the next turn when another city is done building something else you can go to other cities with the arrows above and change the production of the cities that produce wealth to e.g. some unit. That will get production as well.

Rank Corruption Exploit

It is possible to move your Palace far away from the main core of your civilization, leaving your Forbidden Palace near its center. The result is that the rank component of the corruption calculation for cities nearer to the Forbidden Palace than to the Palace reduces to rank 1. The Conquests version of CivIII has been modified to eliminate this exploit. This thread discussed the ruling, which states that "You must not rebuild the palace in a location remote from the majority of your empire in order to gain a significant corruption advantage".

Black Hole of Calcutta (my name)

A city can be expanded to very high levels of population during disorder. After order is restored it then starves back to the level its food supply will support, but meanwhile it can produce lots of shields.

36000 Points in 1 Minute

Do you know you can get a score of 36,000 in Civilization III without building anything (i.e. no cities, no units, no wonders)? Here's how: Create a scenario with only mountains, where settlers cannot build cities anywhere. Play it on Deity level with as many computer opponents as you like. Since you can't build a city anywhere, skip your turn. The AI's will realize that they, too, cannot build cities and commit suicide in frustration. All enemy settlers will disband themselves on their first turns and you will score 36000 points!
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