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Civilization IV Spy V.4 Mod

Filename: spymod04.rar

From: Seby

Size: 24.7KB

Posted: Feb 21, 2006

This mod grants the ability to steal technology to your spy units.

Minimum System Requirements:

256 MB RAM, 64 MB VRAM, 1740 MB disk space

Download Details

SpyMod 0.4 for Cvililzation 4 (1.52) by Seby

This Mod add a "steal a tech" button to the spy-unit. With this new action, a spy can steal a technology in an ennemy city. - cost: 150 (constant) - failure rate: 37% (constant) - research points gained: depends of the size of the city, and the building in the city (bonus with university, lab and observatory) - AI doesn't know how to use it - no mouse-over info bugs: - sometimes, the unit does not end his turn, specialy with more than one spy in the game. to do: - teach AI how to use it - mouse-over info - improve the "rules" (failure, research gained, cost...)

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