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2K building up Steam
Publisher joins ranks of third-party publishers distributing games via Valve Software's digital distribution service; Civilization III and IV due later this week.
- Oct 24, 2006
2K boxing Civilizations I-IV
Take-Two label to release $70 nine-title compilation featuring all four Firaxis "god games" and five expansions.
- Sep 7, 2006
US PC game charts: May 14-20
World of Warcraft ends the Sims' monthlong lock on the top slot as RPGs and RTS games continue to represent on NPD's weekly best-seller chart.
- May 31, 2006

E3 06: Take-Two opens Shanghai studio
New Chinese development center set up as 2K Shanghai.
- May 9, 2006
US PC Game Charts: April 9-15
Oblivion gets bumped out of the top slot by the latest Sims 2 add-on, while Battlefield 2 and The Godfather get whacked.
- Apr 25, 2006
US PC Game Charts: April 2-8
Elder scrolls continues its reign over the top 10, followed by WOW, Sims 2, Star Wars: Empire at War.
- Apr 18, 2006

Civ IV SDK, patch out now
2K's civilization builder updated to version 1.61; software development kit allows for user mods, tweaks.
- Apr 13, 2006
Warlords overrun Civilization 4
First expansion for top strategy series will have military focus, introduce six new scenarios, new units, and new civilizations.
- Mar 16, 2006
Take-Two takes $29.1 million Q1 hit
Slow holiday sales, acquisitions bite into the Grand Theft Auto publisher's bottom line; sales slightly better than expected.
- Mar 7, 2006
Take-Two takes in Firaxis
Grand Theft Auto publisher swallows up Civilization developer, bolstering in-house dev talent.
- Nov 7, 2005
Civilzation IV suffers francophonic factory error
Some North American copies ship with French-language tech tree; 2K Games posts PDF English tree, will send replacements.
- Oct 26, 2005
Civilization 4 rises
Sid Meier's latest strategy sim takes the series into full 3D for the first time; adds new ways to manage a society.
- Oct 25, 2005
Golden Age dawns for Civilization 4
Latest entry in Sid Meier's best-selling history-strategy series enters production, due in stores October 25.
- Oct 19, 2005
Civilization 4 Profile Preview - Civilizations and Their Leaders
Get the lowdown on the 18 civilizations and the 26 leaders that will appear in the game.
- Sep 26, 2005
Civilization 4 Q&A--The Nitpicker's Q&A
As much as we love Civilization, there are small issues with the game that have always bugged us, so we asked senior producer Barry Caudill how they're addressed in Civ IV.
- Aug 19, 2005
Civilization 4 Feature Preview - A Bigger, Better Civ
We visit Firaxis' Maryland office to get all the gritty details on this new chapter in the legendary strategy series.
- Jul 19, 2005
Civilization 4 Updated Impressions
Producer Jesse Smith explains how many of the new features in Civilization 4, such as religion and the updated combat system, will work.
- Jun 24, 2005
Take-Two takes over Civilization
Last year's mystery buyer of the popular strategy sim series is revealed as the publisher announces "a long-term, multi-title publishing agreement" with Firaxis Games.
- Jan 26, 2005
Civilization 4 confirmed
Firaxis attributes devoted fans and sales of Civ III: Conquests as tipping points.
- Dec 8, 2003
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Civilization 4 image
Civilization 4 - Sid Meier's Civilization Game