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Civilization IV: Warlords v2.08 Patch

This patch includes a series of game enhancements as well as an additional six scenarios.

2K Games has released the first patch including updates to the Vassal States, Great Generals, multiplayer functionality, graphics, interface, sound, AI, balance, text, modding and the following 6 scenarios: Genghis Khan, Chinese Unification, Alexander the Great Scenario, Peloponnesian War, Vikings, and Omens.

Download the patch(63.9 MB)

Civilization IV 1.61 Patch

v1.61 is a major upgrade to Civ IV and includes number of new and exciting features including new scenarios and map scripts, unit adjustments and enhancements and more!

Note: This patch is for all versions of Civilization 4 with the exception of the Direct2Drive version.

Download the patch from 2k games(45.7 MB)

Civilization IV Improving Movie Playback (1.61 Patch)

If you are still experiencing stuttering or slow movie playback after the 1.61 patch, try the following:

  • Open the config (ini) file in notepad, and find the line which reads HideMovieBackground = 0, set it to HideMovieBackground = 1
  • The intro and victory movies expand to fill the screen, so play the game at lower resolutions (like 1024x768) to get the best performance.
  • If that doesn't help, a set of lower resolution movies will be available for download here:

    Intro Movies (low res)(68 MB)
    Victory Movies (low res)(40.1 MB)
    Wonder Movies (low res)(271 MB)

Civilization IV PitBoss Application

The PitBoss is a unique application allowing the epic nature of Civilization to finally be easily integrated into the multiplayer realm. It is a lightweight application with a simple interface. While running, players will be able to log in and continue their progress in a game at any time. Once satisfied, players are welcome to log out and continue later.

Download the Pitboss Application from 2k games (3.46 MB)
Click Here for More Details on the Pitboss Application.

Civilization IV Fansite Kit

Show your support for Civilization 4 by making your own fansite. The Fansite Kit contains a bevy of assets including screenshots, wallpaper, leaderhead art, and audio.

Download the Fansite Kit(31.5 MB)

Civilization IV Software Development Kit

Download the Civilization 4 Software Development Kit, which contains the core game DLL source code, allowing gamers to completely rewrite or modify their own Civilization world to their heart's content.

Download the SDK from 2k games(6 MB)

Civilization IV Official Trailer

Windows Media Player
640x360: Download (13.1 MB)
432x240: Download (7.29 MB)

640x360: Download (18 MB)
432x240: Download (8.11 MB)

Civilization 4 image

Civilization 4 image
Civilization 4 - Sid Meier's Civilization Game