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Civilization 4 Green v1.3 Mod

Filename: GreenMod 1.3.rar
From: Master Lexx
Size: 782KB
Posted: Dec 14, 2005

Minimum System Requirements:
256 MB RAM, 64 MB VRAM, 1740 MB disk space

GreenMod 1.3 by Master Lexx forest_plant needs 2000 time (shift-s) (epic, 1worker needs 30turns, req paper) -CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml -CIV4BuildInfos.xml -CIV4UnitInfos.xml -GreenModGameTextInfos.xml -GreenModGameTextInfos_Objects.xml (on impr. built) forest_cut prod 30 to 20 forest_cut time 250 to 350 jungle_cut time 400 to 500 forest growth 8 to 12 jungle growth 16 to 20 (forest health 0.4 to 0.4) floodplains health -0.4 to -0.25 oasis appearance 500 to 1000 -CIV4FeatureInfos.xml fort defx 25 to 50 fort airdefx 20 to 40 whale_boat prod 1 to 2 -CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml lowtech_gamespeed: research needed increased by 30% lowtech_epic goldenagetime increased by 30% -CIV4GameSpeedInfo.xml -CIV4CultureLevelInfo.xml -GreenModGameTextInfos_Objects.xml unit: inquisitor needs tech_divine_right & palace, cost 80 can remove 1 non state religion off city -CIV4UnitInfos.xml -CIV4UnitClassInfos.xml -CIV4BuildingInfos.xml -CIV4BuildingClassInfos.xml -GreenModGameTextInfos_Objects.xml -GreenModGameText_Strategy.xml -GreenModGameText_Civilopedia_BuildingsProjects.xml bonus_ressource: cannabis +1 happy, +1gold, +4gold/mine -\Res\Fonts\GameFont.tga -\Res\Fonts\GameFont_75.tga -\Art\Interface\Buttons\ -\Art\Interface\Buttons\WorldBuilder\ -\Art\Terrain\Resources\Cannabis\ (from dye) |-> Cnq*.dds (texture), all others hexedit: Dye to Cnq -CIV4ArtDefines_Bonus.xml -CIV4BonusInfos.xml -CIV4PlotLSystem.xml (added Cnq/Cannabis, because LSystem) -CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml -GreenModGameTextInfos_Objects.xml -GreenModGameText_Civilopedia_Bonuses.xml bonus_ressource: salt +1 health, +1gold, +5gold/mine -\Res\Fonts\GameFont.tga -\Res\Fonts\GameFont_75.tga -\Art\Interface\Buttons\ -\Art\Interface\Buttons\WorldBuilder\ -\Art\Terrain\Resources\Salt\ (from marble) |->, (texture) -CIV4ArtDefines_Bonus.xml -CIV4BonusInfos.xml -CIV4ImprovementInfos.xml -GreenModGameTextInfos_Objects.xml -GreenModGameText_Civilopedia_Bonuses.xml To install the mod, simply copy the GreenMod folder into the Mods folder of your gamedirectory. Also see _Civ4Config.pif -> auto load mod.

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Credit to: Rezaf "Forestry Mod" Mylon "Inquisitor Mod"

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