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Civilization 4 Lost Wonders v1.0 Mod

Filename: Lost_WondersV1_0.rar
From: Frontbrecher
Size: 6.34MB
Posted: Dec 15, 2005

Add a number of new wonders and improve combat with this mod for Civilization 4.

Minimum System Requirements:
256 MB RAM, 64 MB VRAM, 1740 MB disk space

Download Details

New Units (Note: Most units have just a different skin and not a new model) ====================================================== -Hypaspist -Cataphract -Tank Mark V -Biplane -Privateer (Special: Will be captured instead of destroyed) -Ship of the Line -AEGIS Cruiser -Trebuchet -Bazooka -Commando (Special: Unit can move through impassable terrain) -IFV -Modified Mechanized Infantry -Modified Cavalry -Strike Fighter (Special: Unit can destroy ground units) New Religious Special Units ====================================================== -Crusader -Mujahid -Ruji Savant -Chi Savant -Siddha Monk -Guru -Aman Spy(Special: Unit can move through impassable terrain and flat movement cost) New Promotions: ====================================================== -Religion Just a placeholder for the hint that you can build these units only with the specific state religion. -Sentry II exclusive promotion for the AEGIS cruiser. Additional Modifications: ====================================================== -Changes of the availability for ships -Increased production cost for Carrier (requires Uranium) and Battleship -New textures for the cavalry (additional upgrade to the modern armor) -New textures and modifications of the Mechanized Infantry -The original Mechanized Infantry was modified to the IFV -Removed Navy SEALS, new unique unit of america is the US Cavalry. History: V0.1 first public release with the 5 hidden units and the Mujahid. V1.0 second release with with more units ;). v1.1 Bugfix for the Trebuchet Unit, didn′t appear in the build menu.

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