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E3 06: Take-Two opens Shanghai studio

New Chinese development center set up as 2K Shanghai.

LOS ANGELES--Take-Two is the latest publisher to open up a Chinese development center, and the new operation will use the name 2K Shanghai. The first task for the studio is the Chinese version of Sid Meier's Civilization: IV, which will be released on the PC later in the summer.

The studio will also be developing new titles and codeveloping products with other global 2K studios. This could well be similar to Ubisoft's Chinese development of the Splinter Cell games, where its Shanghai office has handled many multiformat ports. 2K Shanghai will also be the new central operation for 2K's Chinese sales, marketing, and development teams.

2K Shanghai will develop new original IP and codevelop products with other 2K studios around the world. Additionally, 2K Shanghai will serve as a hub for outsourcing opportunities in China. Christoph Hartmann, the president of 2K commented, "There is an enormous amount of development talent in China and it is also a great market for some of our franchises."

May 9, 2006

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